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Bloom Announces Healing Sanctuary Vision In Commercial Village

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Top Commercial Agents And Wellness Consultant Join The Bloom Vision Team

Bloom’s commercial village will be one that refreshes, rejuvenates and revives. The vision is that four buildings will make up the commercial village, named Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This will be the heartbeat of the commercial area.

Bloom’s commercial village

The vision of the commercial includes the following:

  • A small 3-day market. This would be similar to a local corner store in small outlying communities, offering supplies locals will need for 3 days (eggs, bread, meat, cheese etc). There could be a sandwich shop in the market, or/and a place to grab a quick to go meal.

  • A cafe/breakfast location. Examples of tenants that would be a good fit include something similar to a Five5eed, or Harvest type vendor and feel. This location could also cross as a banquet room to rent out in the evenings.

  • A restaurant or two, one that houses a rooftop bar. The goal would be these restaurants are a community hub and attract the locals several days a week. Examples of potential restaurants that could fit this feeling are Hearth and Hill, Blind dog, Sammy’s Bistro, and Midway Mercantile.

Two of Park City’s top Commercial agents Katie Wilking and Jill Snyder have joined the Bloom team to help with strategy and securing tenants. “It’s a dream to have developers tell us the goal is to create a community feel,” says Katie. “This is the first thing Jenni and Ryan said when they met us on site. They are invested in building the right commercial ecosystem and we are excited to be on the team to help them create this.”

The Bloom team is also working on a vision that has a healing sanctuary in one of the hubs of the commercial village along with the market, cafe, restaurant and other vendors that fuel the soul.

The healing sanctuary portion will house wellness services for the community to utilize including body work and other services that the collaborative healing community will offer.

Alia Reedy has also joined the bloom project as the Wellness Consultant



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