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Open House Event: Happy Hour! Learn More About Bloom

We are about to launch and list one of our beautiful new builds in beautiful the Soaring Hawk area of Hideout and are on a mission to love match the house to some more awesome people that will join this great community. We’d love to invite everyone in the community to come join us for a happy hour on Friday Oct 6th and have all your energy bless the house while we enjoy a great afternoon together. We will also be talking about our development project Bloom in Hideout and would love any feedback or ideas.

The community has been hosting happy hours on Friday’s over Summer and we are so excited to be part of continuing these post summer get-togethers in Soaring Hawk!

Where: Lot 33 - 11288 N White Tail, Heber City UT 84032

Time: 4pm to 7pm (high probability it'll go longer so feel free to stop by when works)

We believe homes should be a healing sanctuary for all of us... in this essence we are going to have an amazing astrology reader at this event to share with you all, if you’d like to book a session just make sure to email us beforehand so we can get you on the schedule.


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